The York Factory Keeyask Implementation office maintains this website for use by YFFN members. It provides information about current and future hydroelectric developments on the Nelson River and YFFN’s consultations and negotiations with Manitoba Hydro.

The site currently focuses on the Keeyask Generation Project at Gull Rapids on the Nelson River and the Keeyask Infrastructure Project (KIP), which is the access road from the PR 280 to the potential Keeyask Generating Station. For the Keeyask Project, YFFN has partnered with Manitoba Hydro and three First Nations (Tataskweyak Cree Nation, War Lake First Nation, and Fox Lake Cree Nation) to form the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership. 0

Remarks From YFFN Councillor Louisa Constant – August 2nd, 2017 Good Afternoon. I’m YFFN Councillor Louisa Constant. I’m attending today on behalf of Chief Bland, who is away on holidays. […]

  The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission recently completed the Keeyask public hearings on January 9, 2014. The hearings first began on September 24, 2013 in Gillam, Manitoba. The hearings were […]

  Based on feedback from members, Chief and Council and YFFD have started a program to engage younger community members to get their thoughts on the Conawapa Project. Chief and Council […]

There will be a community workshop on Caribou Tuesday July 23 2013 from 2:00-6:00 at the George Saunders Memorial School Gym. Laura Hebert, a graduate student from the University of […]

Community Meetings Chief and Council have held two community meetings over the past two months. Here is a summary of what was heard at the meetings: Community members want to […]