Submission of Keeyask Environmental Impact Statement

On July 6th, 2012, the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership, made up of Manitoba Hydro and the Keeyask Cree Nations [YFFN, FLCN, Cree Nation Partners (TCN and WLFN)] submitted the Keeyask Generation Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to the provincial and federal governments.

The Keeyask EIS is part of an application for environmental licenses and approvals for the Keeyask hydroelectric dam that the Partnership is proposing to build at Gull Rapids on the Nelson River.

The Keeyask EIS has several parts:

  • Keeyask: Our Story: this video┬ápresents the Keeyask Cree Nations’ history and perspectives related to hydroelectric development and the Keeyask Project.
  • Executive Summary: this short summary of the Keeyask EIS is currently available in English. French and Cree versions will also be produced.
  • Response to EIS Guidelines: this is the main technical document that includes detailed information about the Keeyask Project, the predicted environmental effects, plans for reducing the negative effects and enhancing the positive effects, environmental monitoring, and the┬áPublic Involvement Program.
  • Keeyask Cree Nations’ Evaluation Reports: these include YFFN’s Kipekiskwaywinan (Our Voices), Cree Nation Partners’ Keeyask Environmental Evaluation Report, and FLCN’s Evaluation Report. FLCN’s Evaluation Report has not been completed at this time and will be submitted later.
  • Supporting Volumes: these include the Project Description, Public Involvement, Physical Environment, Aquatic, Terrestrial, and Socio-economic Supporting Volumes.

The Keeyask EIS documents are now located at the Future Development office. The Keeyask EIS documents have also been posted online at the Keeyask Partnership’s website (, and are located at several locations in Winnipeg, Gillam, and Thompson (e.g. public library and MKO).

For more information contact Evelyn Beardy or Marie Ryle-Beardy at the Future Development office at 341-2236.