Engaging Younger Community Members


Based on feedback from members, Chief and Council and YFFD have started a program to engage younger community members to get their thoughts on the Conawapa Project.

Chief and Council and Future Development want to know what younger community members know about this project, what they want to know, and how they want to be engaged.

Evelyn Beardy and Darcy Saunders have distributed a pamphlet to younger community members in York Landing to start them thinking about the Conawapa Project.

York Factory has also been planning the 2nd Annual Keeyask Cree Nation Youth Gathering. This gathering is being planned for August 25th – 28th in York Landing.

You can phone Evelyn Beardy, Georgina Beardy, or Darcy Wastesicoot for more information at YFFD: 204-341-2236.