Askiy Steering Committee

Wayne Redhead Implementation Coordinator

Darcy Wastesicoot – Environment Coordinator

Jim Beardy – Stewardship Engagement Facilitator

Darcy Saunders – Monitoring Support

Nellie Redhead – Translator/Mercury Health

Roddy Ouskan – RMB Representative

Stanley Spence – KSNC Representative

Jeff Beardy – Chief & Council Representative

Obediah Wastesicoot – YFFN Elder

Elizabeth Beardy – YFFN Elder

Modena Beardy – YFFN Elder

Flora S.N. Beardy – YFFN Elder

Eddy Beardy – YFFN Elder

Stella Chapman – YFFN Elder

Wayne Wavey – Youth Representative

Silas Ryle – Youth Representative

Marie-Ryle Beardy – YFFN Member

Joe Sinclair – YFFN Member

The Steering Committee reviews program activities and provides direction to A.N. Staff. The Steering Committee now has 18 YFFN members. It provides grassroots direction for the program and ensures linkages to YFFN leadership, the YFKI office, the Resource Management Board, Elders, Youth, and other community members. Activities in the 2016-19 has focused on setting, planning and providing advice for work plan and budget negotiations.