YFFN has not been involved in negotiations on the Wuskwatim project, and is not involved as a partner in that development. YFFN participated as an observer in the Clean Environment Commission hearings for the Wuskwatim Generating Station project. Our First Nation has experienced physical and environmental changes on Split Lake due to past hydroelectric projects, and therefore takes great interest in potential downstream effects of the Wuskwatim project.

Wuskwatim rlt

Wuskwatim Rapids – Site of Wuskatim Generating Station

YFFN remains concerned that a proper program of environmental monitoring is followed to ensure that Wuskwatim does not contribute to further degradation of the aquatic environment on Split Lake. YFFN understands that it will be consulted and will have an opportunity to participate in the environmental monitoring program. Beyond these monitoring activities, YFFN expects to have limited involvement in the Wuskwatim process.


Artists rendering of Wuskwatim Generating Station

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