Burntwood Nelson Agreement

The BNA is a collective agreement between the Hydro Projects Management Association (“HPMA”), which represents contractors, and the Allied Hydro Council of Manitoba, which represents Unions.

The BNA sets out terms of employment for all workers and employees (including Aboriginal workers) who work on hydro construction projects in Northern Manitoba. Under the terms of the JKDA, employment at Keeyask is governed by the BNA and also by a Letter of Agreement to be negotiated with Unions. This Letter of Agreement will only apply to the Keeyask Project.

The BNA contains many detailed provisions. One very important provision is that preference for work on all major northern hydro electric projects will be offered to job qualified Northern Aboriginals who qualify as Northern residents, who register with the job placement and referral agency for the Keeyask Project, and who reside in the Churchill/Burntwood/Nelson River area.

The BNA and Letter of Agreement contain provisions which deal with facilitating training, employment, and retention of Aboriginal employees. These agreements also contain provisions which create processes for dealing with grievances on the jobsite, education for Aboriginal cultural awareness, and for Aboriginal representation on the jobsite.

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