Employment & Training Opportunities


YFFN members can obtain employment on the Keeyask Project or with Manitoba Hydro:

1. Qualified YFFN members can obtain work on the construction of the Keeyask Project though the Job Referral Services (JRS). In order to do so, YFFN members have to first register with JRS. For more information or assistance contact Wendy Saunders at (204) 341-2379. You can also register at www.gov.mb.ca/jrs.

2. Operational Jobs are employment positions in the ongoing operations of Manitoba Hydro. These include both permanent and term positions of greater than 2 years. There is a target of 36 operational jobs for members of YFFN over 20 years. For more information please see Operational Jobs or contact Theresa Beardy at (204) 341-2236.

3. Work packages or Direct Negotiation Contracts (DNC) will be available for KCN businesses. YFFN members can obtain employment in these First Nation businesses, including catering, security services and employee retention and support services. Members of the Keeyask Cree Nations have first preference for these jobs. For more information about YFFN’s DNCs and employment opportunities, please see the Direct Negotiation Contracts webpage or contact the Future Development Office at (204) 341-2236.

4. YFFN members have been involved in various environmental field studies for Keeyask and Conawapa Projects. In addition, YFFN has provided camp services for environmental field studies at Silver Goose Lodge. To get more information about job opportunities in these field studies, contact Evelyn Beardy at (204) 341-2236.

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