Catering, Security & Employee Retention


A number of business contracts have been allocated to each KCN as part of the JKDA negotiations. The total value of these work packages is estimated at $203.1M. Business contracts are secured through direct negotiations with Manitoba Hydro by KCNs.

Manitoba Hydro has divided the direct negotiation contracts 60% to CNP, 20% to YFFN, and 20% to FLCN. This division is based on the total band populations of each First Nation. YFFN and Fox Lake Cree Nation (FLCN) have agreed to negotiate their business contracts jointly. In other words, instead of dividing up the direct negotiated contracts 60% to CNP, 20% to YFFN and 20% to FLCN, they will be divided 60% to CNP and 40% to YFFN and FLCN. Specifically, three contracts will be allocated to YFFN and FLCN and would be jointly managed and staffed by members of YFFN and FLCN.

The “work packages” allocated to YFFN and FLCN include:

  1. Catering: YFFN and FLCN will provide complete catering services for Keeyask project camps.
  2. Security Services: YFFN and FLCN will provide security services 24 hours /7 days/wk at camps, work areas and related facilities (excluding Contractor’s work areas).
  3. Employee Retention and Support Services: YFFN and FLCN will provide cultural awareness training, counseling services, and spiritual and ceremonial services for project employees.

YFFN also has on-going business contracts outside of the JKDA. These include catering contracts at Kelsey Generating Station and Laurie River.

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