Construction Jobs


Job Referral Service (JRS) is the referral service that matches qualified job seekers with employment opportunities related to the construction of Manitoba Hydro’s projects. These include a range of jobs related to the construction of Wuskwatim, Keeyask and the Keeyask Infrastructure Project. As YFFN’s Job Seeker Coordinator, Wendy Saunders can assist YFFN job seekers in registering for work with these Hydro projects.

With the Keeyask Partnership starting phase one of construction of the Keeyask Infrastructure Project, there will be employment opportunities with Keeyask, such as carpenters, electricians, iron workers, laborers, heavy equipment operators and truck drivers. There will also be employment opportunities in catering, security and employee retention services through YFFN and FLCN’s Direct Negotiation Contracts.

It is important to understand that registrations expire within six months of activation, so you must renew your registration before the six months is up if you still wish to be referred to employment opportunities.

The documents needed to register with the JRS for work with Keeyask or Wuskwatim can be downloaded from the Job Referral Service website (click here), or you can contact Wendy Saunders at (204) 341-2379 for information.

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