Operational Jobs


Operational jobs are employment positions in the ongoing operations of Manitoba Hydro. These include both permanent and term positions with Manitoba Hydro of greater than 2 years, located anywhere in Manitoba. Under the terms of the JKDA there is a target of 36 operational jobs for members of YFFN over a 20-year period (starting with the date the JKDA is signed).

Under the JKDA, a Working Group on Operational Jobs has been working to design and implement a successful employment strategy. If the targets are not met for construction jobs on the Keeyask Project, Manitoba Hydro will provide financial compensation to the Working Group on Operational Jobs, so that it can increase its efforts in recruiting First Nation members.

Under the York Factory Operational Jobs Employment Program (YFOJEP), YFFN has started the Initiative for Community Skills Profile Project. This project’s purpose is to inform YFFN members about the possibilities of training and recruitment with Manitoba Hydro throughout Manitoba. The project’s goal is to identify and register community members who are available for employment or on-the-job placement.

YFFN Operational Jobs is asking community members who are interested in employment to review a skills profile list and fill out a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire will provide valuable information about the number of individuals willing to attend registration workshops with Manitoba Hydro and will present a clear indication of how many members are interested in finding employment with Manitoba Hydro.

To date, YFFN Operational Jobs has coordinated several events including training workshops and a Career Fair. For more information regarding Operational Jobs, contact Theresa Beardy at (204) 341-2236.

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