Infrastructure Project


The Keeyask Infrastructure Project (KIP) – also called the North Access Road – includes three parts:

  • construction of a start-up camp near the PR 280 road with the capacity to host approximately 125 people
  • construction of an approximately 25 km two-lane gravel road from the PR 280 to Gull Rapids, the Keeyask Generating Station site
  • construction of a 500-person main camp on the north side of Gull Rapids


Even though the KIP is related to the Keeyask Generating Station, it is a separate project in terms of environmental licensing and construction start times. Because KIP will provide access to Gull Rapids, it needs to be completed before the Keeyask Generating Station can begin.

The Keeyask Partnership received the Environment Act license for KIP in March 2011, and construction began early in 2012.

For more information, please visit Manitoba Hydro’s website here.

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