Wayne Redhead – Implementation Coordinator

Coordinates activities and maintains the line of communication between the York Factory First Nation Negotiating Team and the First Nation membership whose input in all Future Manitoba Hydro Development is fundamental in achieving any Agreements and/or Understandings with Manitoba Hydro.


Vince Beardy – Financial Comptroller

Under the general direction of the Coordinator, the Financial Comptroller assumes responsibility for all the financial affairs of York Factory Future Development. The Financial Comptroller reviews and prepares monthly financial statements and reviews all financial transaction documents for correctness and authority.


Donna Saunders – Strategic Implementation Officer

Under the direction of the Keeyask Implementation Coordinator, the Strategic Implementation Officer will be responsible for gathering and distributing information regarding partnership and committee activities. This individual will also have intimate knowledge of the 1995 Implementation Agreement, the JKDA (Joint Keeyask Development Agreement) and the BNA (Burntwood Nelson Agreement).

Darcy Wastesicoot – Environment Stewardship Coordinator

Under the direction of the Implementation Coordinator, the Environment Stewardship Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and conducting activities of the Askiy Nanakacihtakewin (Monitoring) program. The Stewardship Coordinator must be familiar with YFFN’s history and culture, hydro-electric development, and Nanakacihtakewin staff to provide strategic direction and oversight of the program.

Jimmy A. Beardy – Assistant Stewardship Coordinator 

The Stewardship Engagement Facilitator will work with supervision and support from the Stewardship Coordinator to implement YFFN’s Askiy Nanakacihtakewin stewardship program. He will be responsible for engaging YFFN’s members in Keeyask monitoring and stewardship activities. He will coordinate, lead and document community activities for the monitoring program, including field trips, workshops, and interviews. he will also coordinate YFFN’s participation in Keeyask mitigation and monitoring activities, including monitoring field studies (aquatic, terrestrial, socio-economic), revegetation programs, wetland creation, and other mitigation activities.

 Darcy Saunders – Monitoring Support

The Computer GIS Operator assists in the community-based mapping associated with the on-going socio-economic studies. The intent of the position is to amend and build upon the community-based resource mapping developed for the York Factory resource management, traditional and traplines areas. The Computer GIS Operator works with the Implementation staff and assists the Community Researcher to gather community-based knowledge and create maps from the information gathered.

Theresa Beardy – Operational Jobs Employment Coordinator

Reporting to the York Factory Implementation Project Coordinator and liaising with the Chief & Council, the Employment Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the process by which York Factory members will find meaningful employment with Manitoba Hydro through the Operational Jobs Employment Framework.

Operational Jobs Assistant – Job Posted

Reporting to the York Factory Operational Jobs Employment   Coordinator, the Employment Coordinator Assistant is responsible for providing administrative assistance to the Employment Coordinator.

Wendy Saunders – Job Seeker Coordinator

Promotes the Job Referral Service (JRS) to Members and educate them about Registration activities; Answer questions from Members about the JRS; and Inform Members who seek work on Wuskwatim and Keeyask, including HNTEI trainees, about the JRS, the role of the Agency and the role of Manitoba.

Craig Saunders – Keeyask Cree Nation Site Representative

The KCN Site Representative will be responsible for assisting with communication between Manitoba Hydro construction site staff and the York Factory Cree Nation during the construction phase.

Nellie Redhead – Implementation Translator

Community translators are responsible for translating documents and during meetings from English to Cree and from Cree to English.